3D Digital Mammography is performed to screen for breast cancer. Abnormalities may be obscured by breast tissue in a 2D mammogram. 3D digital mammography overcomes the limitation imposed by overlapping breast tissue in women with dense breast tissue. A clearer image of the breast is presented in thin 1 mm thick slices resulting in an improved accuracy and decreased false positives. Pink Door Imaging and Pink Door Imaging center utilizes the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration with True Wide-angle Breast Tomosynthesis which produces high resolution 3D images. Pink Door Imaging was the first site in the United States to install the Siemens state of the art technology on receiving FDA approval in the spring of 2015.

The tomosynthesis technology installed at the Pink Door Imaging acquires 25 images of the breast across a 50-degree angle that produces high-quality images. The 3D images display better depth resolution and tissue layer separation. This exam reduces recall rate and false positive and at the same time increasing detection rate of breast cancer. The 3D system is the only one to have gained FDA approval for screening with 3D technology alone without the use of 2D mammography.


The 3D digital mammography is performed in a comfortable setting and private room at Pink Door Imaging. Women change in the mammography suite eliminating the need to be seated in the waiting area in a robe. We strive to improve all aspects of your experience at our center. The exam takes around 10-15 minutes to perform. During the examination with the breast under compression the x-ray arm will move around the breast to create a 3D image of the breast. The results of the screening examination is available before the end of the same day or the following day in most instances. In less than 5% of cases report is withheld pending comparison with previous mammograms that our center will obtain once you have signed the consent for release of medical records. Comparison with prior mammograms reduces the need for further work up of findings that have remained unchanged over years.

We offer walk in appointments for screening mammogram. A doctor’s order is not required for a screening mammogram. If an abnormality is detected further work up will require a doctor’s order and we will provide a list of local providers for you to choose from if you do not have one.

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