Tips for Dealing With Breast Screening Anxiety

Breast exams and mammograms are two of the most feared screening procedures in the OBGYN field; however, these screenings are necessary to help you maintain your breast health. It’s important to be regularly checked for cancer, cysts, and other conditions. But whether or not you have received a mammogram before, you might be feeling some anxiety before your next screening appointment. Here we have our tips for dealing with breast cancer screening anxiety.

Tips for Dealing With Breast Screening Anxiety

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dealing with breast screening anxiety is something we are familiar with when our patients visit us. That is why we perform breast exams in Houston with care, paying special attention to your boundaries and concerns. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips for dealing with breast screening anxiety that may help ease some of your fears next time you visit us for an exam.

Get In and Out Early

Prevention is always the best treatment for any kind of medical condition, but early detection is second best. The earlier you start scheduling and receiving your exams, the easier it could be for your doctor to catch the very early signs of cancer. This also gives you a much better chance to beat it before it has the chance to grow!

Find Your Favorite Location

Your imaging experience is highly determined by how you were treated while you were there. It’s important for you to be surrounded by a team of friendly, professional, and experienced medical experts who will make sure that your care is in their capable hands every step of the way. Scout out a couple of breast exam locations and do your research to make sure that you have found a team you can feel comfortable with.

Give Yourself a Reward

It takes a lot of mental and emotional work to go through something that makes you feel scared. Whether you are afraid of the pain or discomfort you will feel, or you are just nervous about hearing about test results, you might not plan on it being a very fun day. But you can reward yourself afterward by taking the rest of the day off, going to your favorite restaurant, or just resting at home with a good book.

Establish a Routine

It might be helpful for you to think of your mammogram or breast screening as something routine. If you are expecting an out-of-the-ordinary, scary experience, it is more likely to actually seem that way when you come in for your visit. Screenings are a normal part of life and are essential for your health – just remember that!

Talk to Us

Our staff is here to support you through the screening process. We understand that getting a mammogram or any kind of breast screening can be nerve-wracking, making it even more impossible to schedule these exams in a timely manner. And, we will remind you that your health is worth it and that you deserve to take care of yourself. We have your best interests in mind and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us at Pink Door Imaging.

Learn More at Pink Door

We offer a wide range of revolutionary breast screening services in Houston for patients with a variety of needs. From mammograms to ultrasounds, there are several tests that can gauge the health and status of your breasts. It’s okay to feel nervous about these screening exams, as there is a lot of information out there that is worrying.

But the good news is that these exams are almost always a positive experience, with early detection preventing you from dealing with drastic health issues later in life. Get in touch with us at Pink Door Imaging today to learn more about our friendly team and medical practices!

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