Advantages of 3D Mammography

A mammogram is an imaging diagnostic test that can inform a patient whether or not they are in danger of breast cancer. It can also inform one whether or not the cancer is also present. Below, we explore the advantages of 3D mammography.

Mammograms are considered an indispensable tool in a doctor’s toolkit in terms of being able to correctly diagnose and treat breast cancer. This has been the case for several decades. However, several developments have made this type of test even more effective.

Advantages of 3D Mammography

A 3D digital mammography has the potential to be even more accurate and informative than traditional mammography. Take a look at this guide, which will inform you of some of the advantages of this type of test.

3D Mammography Basics

3D mammography, also known as tomosynthesis, is an advanced technology that allows doctors to observe breast tissue layer by layer. This imaging system uses extremely high-powered computing to convert the images gathered into an organized series that a radiologist can observe to attempt to detect the presence of cancer.

3D imaging offers patients a much more accurate picture of breast health. As opposed to classical imaging techniques, 3D mammography can offer a physician insight into every layer of the flesh of the breasts.

Oftentimes, 3D mammograms are priced similarly to classical 2D imaging systems, meaning that there’s no reason not to take advantage of the more sophisticated technology.

Good Candidates for a 3D Mammogram

3D mammograms are reported to be especially beneficial for those with dense breasts, or for those who have a family history of breast cancer. That being said, most patients who are interested in the benefits of 3D technology will be found to be a good candidate for receiving treatment. In addition, this type of mammogram is considered friendly for those who have received breast implants.

Overall, a 3D mammogram is more accurate than the standard varieties of mammogram. Many physicians consider them the first and best line of defense in alerting a patient to the presence of cancer. Discussing whether or not this type of test is an option with your physician can be highly advantageous in the long run.

What Occurs During a 3D Mammography?

The execution of a 3D mammogram is extremely similar to that of a 2D mammogram. During this procedure, the technologist positions you, lightly compressing your breast against a small plate and taking images from different angles.

The 3D mammogram process includes additional images from the x-ray machine. These images are able to portray the content of the breasts in as fine as one-millimeter layers. Thankfully, there is no additional compression needed to accurately take an image of the breasts. In addition, your technologist will likely try to make your experience more comfortable.

The technologist will view the results of your images at a workstation to approve the results of your imaging process. From there, the images are brought to a radiologist, who is able to study the results and report them to the patient and their primary physician.

The Difference Between a 3D and 2D Mammography

The primary advantage of a 3D mammogram is the fact that the images that it produces are overall much more accurate than those produced by a traditional mammogram. This means that the images produced by this type of mammogram are more likely to offer patients a correct diagnosis the first time around.

This type of accuracy is highly valuable, as an incorrect diagnosis has the potential to mislead a patient in ways that can prove deadly. In addition, traditional forms of imaging have the potential to mislead patients in other ways, such as offering them false positives. This increased level of accuracy, fortunately, does not come paired with a higher level of radiation, as a 3D mammogram typically delivers the same amount of radiation as a traditional imaging process.

3D mammograms are not as prone to delivering such inaccurate results. Some studies have indicated that 3D mammograms are as much as 40% more accurate than their traditional counterparts. Overall, they’re considered one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in the fight against breast cancer in the past few decades.

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