Can You Have a Mammogram with Breast Implants?

People who develop breasts are consistently told about the importance of regular breast cancer screening, as this disease is more common in those with a lot of breast tissue. However, a lot of patients also worry that their implants or breast augmentation procedure will prevent them from being able to properly take these tests. Can you have a mammogram with breast implants?

Can You Have a Mammogram with Breast Implants?

This leads patients to ask our Pink Door Imaging experts questions such as, “Can you have a mammogram with breast implants?” and “Does an augmentation prevent you from getting proper breast screening?” We will answer all of these questions and more in the information below.

Mammogram Guidelines

For the most part, you can still get all of your regular screenings and check-ups, even if you have breast implants. There is a common misconception that implants and a mammogram don’t mix, since the machine goes through a process of flattening your breast tissue to more easily take images. As long as you are in good general health and your implants are in good shape, you can follow the same guidelines for a successful mammogram that you would follow without an implant.

A few special cases exist wherein additional imaging may be needed to gain a cohesive mammogram picture. For example, large implants may not flatten all the way, so the machine will go through a few extra steps to make sure the appropriate screenings  complete successfully.

Guidelines for Mammograms

Standardized safety practices suggest that mammograms should start around the age of 40 or even earlier if there is a family history of breast cancer or similar risk. Depending on overall health, quality of the skin, and other breast risks, your doctor will determine when and how frequently you should sign up for a mammogram test. You will probably have to get a few extra X-rays and scans, but it won’t be anything that will cause additional discomfort or pain. The right expert can make sure you have as comfortable of an experience as possible.

Do I Need a Mammogram After a Reduction or Mastectomy?

While it remains completely safe and normal for people with breast implants to have their regularly scheduled mammograms, what about those who had a breast reduction or a total mastectomy? Removing most of the breast tissue can sometimes reduce the risk of cancer in some, especially in cases with both breasts removed. If there exists no remaining breast tissue, then you do not need to have a mammogram. However, those with just one or a partial mastectomy should still schedule regular screenings with their imaging specialist.

Checking Out 3D Mammograms

Newer technology allows for more advanced imaging techniques for all types of mammograms. Those with and without implants can enjoy a more comfortable experience that uses a new and innovative way to take pictures, reducing your risk for pain and discomfort overall. If you are ever concerned about whether or not you are a good candidate for regular breast cancer screenings, consult your specialists right away.

Learn More and Schedule Care at Pink Door Imaging

Pink Door Imaging provides an array of diagnostic mammography services for anyone wanting to keep a close eye on their breast tissue. Those with family histories of cancer are encouraged to see their doctor regularly, as early detection can be the key to preventing cancer.

Even if your breast tissue is perfectly healthy, it is best to commit to regular screenings to stay on top of your preventative needs. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Contact your friendly Pink Door Imaging experts to learn more about our comprehensive imaging services!

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